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Our Mission is to fuel the impact YOU create!

At Blohm Social Co we aim to help you make an impact in your community no matter how small. The women we serve are community leaders, advocates and experts and have built their businesses specifically to make a difference.

Marketing is one of the most powerful moving pieces you need to hone in on when it comes to ensuring that the impact you make circulates. 

Our marketing strategies consist of clear brand messaging, bold and enticing visuals and content that attracts your ideal client/customer/audience member etc...

Grow, Launch & Cash Out with Blohm Social Co. 

Meet Priyal,

Priyal is a content creator and strategist with a brain like none I have ever seen. Priyal lives in London, UK and when she is not creating content she is studying economics and finance. 

Not only is Priyal a creator but she specializes in creating content that contains clear messaging and ensures that your leads get off their butts and enquire with you. 

Priyal understands the importance of content throughout organic marketing strategies and is your new right hand woman throughout your next big launch.

Meet Amber,

All the way from sunny Flordia, Amber is a military spouse with a LOVE for systems and organizations. Amber helps you create a luxury client experience and boost client retention.

Amber is a ClickUp Ambassador and helps online business owners create a process and standard operating procedure for every aspect of your business. 

Systems are supposed to make your life easier, Amber is a automations WIZ and will help you integrate functional systems so that you can reduce the day-to-day stress of those tedious admin tasks.

Meet Danielle,

Danielle is a US Military Spouse, mother of two & RN with a love for writing. She specializes in social media, blog and email copy. She helps our clients hook their audience in and conditions them to stay tuned into their content. 

Danielle is also our head brand designer and creates stunning visuals for your next marketing campaign. 

Sitting down mid day to write copy for your sales page or even social media posts takes time away from the money generating tasks within your business. Danielle has mastered writing copy for campaigns for our clients in under 7 days so they can make the most of their time.

Maria Reed

date: 05/21


Inspire Up Foundation

date: 08/20





80 Million + overall impressions across all social channels in 1 year of working with Blohm Social Co.
The ability to post daily consistently across multiple channels without burnout & repurpose video content to increase engagement.
Creating more time for Maria to focus on hosting and producing her show "Moving With The Military."

"My experience working with Blohm Social Co is Phenomenal. Nina is dedicated to her clients. I love her thought process and seeing everything come to life. Nina's creativity and attention to her clients is 10 out 10! The team is very knowledgeable and detail-oriented. I love that they put clients' needs first, excited to work with me even when I have crazy requests."

Maria Reed




421% increase in overall engagement after 1 month of working with Blohm Social Co.

604% increase in overall reach after 45 day of working with Blohm Social Co.

"Our experience with Blohm Social Co was Easy, highly communicative and amazing! We have increased our engagement and overall following."

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