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11. Growing & Scaling Your Business Through Operations With Rhi Pearce

Episode 11: Growing & Scaling Your Business Through Operations With Rhi Pearce

February 8, 2023

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I used to avoid project management tools like it was the plague. Maybe it was because of my ADHD, but I worked just fine in “organized chaos”, as I liked to call it. Then one day a friend, shoutout to Amber, introduced me to ClickUp, and my life was turned upside down! I set up business workflows, automation, and other backend systems that completely transformed the way I work. The best part? I elevated not only my business operations but client experience too! 

That’s why for today’s podcast episode, I invited Rhi Pearce, who is an expert in the field of operations. Join us as we dive into how you can leverage your operations to grow your business, what is the difference between scaling and growing, what you should have in place right from the start of your business, lots of tips on how to elevate your business operations, and much more!

More about Rhi Pearce:

Rhi Pearce is a Chief of Operations and Operations Consultant for multi-passionate coaches and service providers. She helps people leverage the operational ecosystem so that they can find structure that fuels freedom allowing them to live multiple lives in one day. I’m an all-around chill person and helping people that help people lights my fucking soul on fire.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • What are daily operations and what do they look like in your business
  • The best place to start with operations in your business
  • Why did I avoid project management tools at the beginning of my business
  • #1 thing you should have in place when you are ready to grow your business
  • The difference between like growing and scaling 
  • Biggest tips for elevating your client experience through operations, backend systems & automation
  • How do you leverage your operations when you move into the scaling portion of your business
  • Being replaceable in your business is a good thing
  • How can you elevate your operations with Rhi

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