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Episode 4: Importance of Inner Child Work for Business Owners With Kelcey Daniels

June 22, 2022

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In the beginning stages of starting a business, most new entrepreneurs experience a lot of stress and anxiety because of the new challenges they must face. It is natural and it happens to all of us. But what you might not know is that all those feelings are coming from past traumas from your childhood. And that’s why inner child work, emotional release, and nervous system regulation are so important.

In this episode, I invited Kelcey Daniels, trauma informed coach to talk about this topic. Kelcey shares her journey of becoming a trauma informed coach, she explains what exactly is inner child work and emotional release, what it looks like, and how it benefits business owners when they actively do inner child work.

More about Kelcey Daniels:

Kelcey is a trauma informed coach. Before coaching, she spent 3 years doing advocacy work at a nonprofit where she provided 1:1 and group support for hundreds of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

During this time, she developed the foundation for trauma informed space holding. Between her experiences with survivors and working to heal her own trauma, she noticed the cycles that trauma keeps us stuck in and was tired of the constant self-betrayal. She knew she was being called to facilitate deeper healing for others. 

Now, she guides people in freeing themselves from the pain from their past so they can show up more boldly in the present. She helps them reclaim the power they hold within to heal their relationship with themselves through inner child work and embodiment practices.

In this episode, we chat about:

– What is inner child work

– How Kelcey got into inner child work

– Kelcey shares her experience of working with a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault

– What emotional release looks like and why is it important

– What is nervous system regulation

– Kelcey shares how doing inner child work benefited and affect her as a business owner

– Why pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is not always the best idea

– Pleasure point marketing vs. pain point marketing

– Tips on how to ground yourself 

This episode is too good! Grab your headphones and let’s tune in!

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