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Show Notes Episode 2

2. Episode: Elevating Your Cash Flow in 2022

February 21, 2022

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I’m going to be honest with you. The whole new year, new me stuff doesn’t work unless you implement THE STEPS to achieve that goal you set up for yourself. That’s why this episode is ALL about implementation. I encourage you to take notes because I literally give you step-by-step strategies to boost your visibility, funnel leads to your business, and bring more eyes to your content. 

But listening to this podcast episode and taking notes is NOT going to elevate your cash flow in 2022. I want you to take all the knowledge that I’m about to share with you and implement it in YOUR business. Because that’s the only way that you are going to increase your income in 2022.

In this episode, we chat about:

– What is omnipresence and how to implement it so you can scale your business and build a strong ass community

– Visibility tactics and cross-platform marketing going to rule in 2022

– How to build authority in your industry and install trust in your ideal client

– Email marketing is the precious one-on-one time with your ideal client in their inbox

– Collaborative sales with other online service providers

– Why should you network with other industry leaders and what does it look like

– Exact step-by-step strategy I would use if I were to focus only on Instagram marketing

– Content repurposing

Grab a pen and paper, girl! I guarantee you, you will WANT to take notes!

Resources from this episode:

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– Kick your business off with a BANG in 2022 with The Biz Booster Membership

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If you’re an online service provider, digital creative, or coach who is ready to step into the next level of wealth, you’re in the right place! Your host Nina Blohm is here to give you all the tools & guidance you need to build a solid foundation, improve your marketing, boost your visibility, and manifest the most abundant version of yourself! 

Nina went from broke to booked out in 48 hours when she first entered the space as a social media manager! Over the past year and a half, she scaled her business to $10K months! If you’re ready to do the same, put on headphones & tune in!

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